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Below is a collection of select screenshots from the My Journal application.

Login screen

This is the login screen for the My Journal application. You can do the following:

  • Login to My Journal
  • Create a new profile
  • Update your profile username and/or password
  • Import journal entries from My Journal 1.0
  • Backup or restore data from or to the My Journal program

After login

When you first log into the My Journal program you will see this screen. Clicking on the round button in the upper left corner will display the available menu items. From this screen you can launch the following:

  • Journal editor - view, edit and manage your journal entries
  • Writing projects - express you creativity with the writing project manager
  • Web upload - upload journal entries to your own website
  • Twitter - stay connected using the integrated twitter portal
  • Blogspot - Create, draft, publish and delete blogs from your blogspot account
  • Help - find resources to get help with the My Journal program
  • Log out - log out of your profile, returning you to the login screen

Journal editor

Journal editor screen. Here you can view, edit and add journal entries. On the left side of the window, notice the tab items: Navigation, search, history, pictures, files, export. The tabs contain the following functionality:

  • Navigation - provides a means of navigating your existing journal entries, or creating new journal entries for previous dates
  • Search - find journal entries that contain keywords or phrases
  • History - track changes that have been made to a journal entry over time
  • Pictures - attach a photo album to your journal, allowing you to enter detailed information about each photo. Images can also be embedded directly into your entry also.
  • Files - attach any type of file that you feel may be relevant to your journal entry
  • Export - Export all of your journal entries to a non-proprietary format

Writing projects

Writing project management. With this feature, you can exercize your creative mind, organizing your thoughts and ideas any way you see fit.

  • Create and manage multiple writing projects
  • Organize your writing using an easy-to-navigate tree system
  • Add various elements to your writing projects such as characters, locations, brainstorms, definitions... etc.
  • Compile your writing into a single document
  • Dislay two different writing elements at the same time by right-clicking the tab and selecting 'send to bottom' or 'send to top'

Upload entries

Upload journal entries to your own website via this simple wizard-like interface. You will be able to add content to your website in a matter of minutes using the following steps:

  • Step 1 - Select which journal entries you would like to upload to your website
  • Step 2 - Specify what kind of background colors you would like to apply to some, all or none of your entries
  • Step 3 - Ensure you have entered valid credentials to the FTP server of your website
  • Step 4 - Click the upload button, let My Journal take care of the rest

Twitter portal

Stay connected with Twitter using the integrated twitter portal. Within this feature you do the following:

  • Read tweets posted by people you're following as well as public tweets
  • Follow or un-follow people at will
  • Send and receive direct messages with people that are following you
  • Filter tweets by individual user to view all the tweets they've recently submitted
  • Post tweets to your twitter account

Blogspot portal

Manage your blogs using the integrated Blogspot portal. With this feature, you can do the following:

  • Create new blogs as drafts or published
  • Publish or draft existing blogs
  • Delete blogs
  • View comments people have submitted regarding your blog

You will also be able to submit entries from your journal directly to your blog.


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