Check here periodically to ensure you have the latest and greatest version of My Journal installed. To determine what build you have installed, from the login screen look in the upper right corner. Look for the word 'build' followed by a series of numbers (i.e. build 20091021). The numbers are formatted as follows: YYYYMMDD where YYYY = year, MM = month, DD = day.

For those of you who have an older build of My Journal 2.0 installed on your computer, to update your program all you need to do is download the latest build and install it over the top of your existing install, do not uninstall your old build. If you have purchased a license for My Journal, your program will still be registered when you install over your old copy.

04.21.2010 Update, build 20100420 Click here to download
  • Misc. bug fixes
  • Added ability to rotate images in image attachment window
  • Help screen is now accessible from the login screen
01.23.2010 Update, build 20100115
  • Spellcheck optimization
  • Added timestamp toolbar button to journal editor
  • Changed scapegoat document to rich text format (the scapegoat file opens when you press the 'Esc' key - this is to safeguard your privacy if someone walks in the room)
  • Made help more substantive
11.11.2009 Update, build 20091110
  • Enhanced navigation
  • Fixed bug with embedding images into your journal entries
  • Added new writing module that allows you to spread your creative wings
  • Added automatic time stamp to new journal entries
10.21.2009 Update, build 20091021
  • Fixed date format bug that occurs while trying to create a user profile on versions of Windows with a different locale
  • Fixed bug with importing version 1.0 entries on Windows Vista computers
  • Added a journal entry compilation screen, allowing you to load a range of journal entries into a single document
10.11.2009 Initial release, build 20091010

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