Available videos

please note that you need a broadband connection in order to comfortably view these movies. Please note that these videos were created using the first release of My Journal 2.0, so the navigation looks a bit different from the current version but the core functionalityis the same.
  • Getting started: A simple demonstration of how to create a new profile so you can start writing view (3 minutes 21 seconds)
  • Writing in your journal: A detailed view of the journal editor, including formatting, navigation and tools view (11 minutes 21 seconds)
  • Publishing entries to your website: Demonstrates how to upload select journal entries to your website view (6 minutes 54 seconds)
  • Staying connected with Twitter: Quick walkthrough of connecting to twitter and navigating the various tweets view (3 minutes 47 seconds)
  • Edit and publish blog entries with blogspot: Deonstration on how to use the integrated blogspot functionality view (6 minutes 59 seconds)

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